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We Expand our Second Home Services to Falmouth & Surrounding Areas

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We are now expanding our market leading second home services to the Falmouth/Feock/Constantine areas. It is also hoped that during 2013 that we will also open up their holiday home services as well. 

Most companies in the current economic climate are scaling down their work force whilst we, on the back of a very successful few years and customer demand, are investing to increase our area of operation.

Our high quality services have been in constant demand in the Falmouth and surrounding areas and we have always held back until we knew that we are capable of delivering our high standards of service that our customers expect. Whilst we cannot offer our holiday home service yet, we can provide our services to second homes that are not rented out.

The types of services that we can provide to second home owners in Falmouth and the surrounding area includes; Empty property checking, 24 hour property helpline and a full range of property services including minor maintenance and small project management. We can also provide flexible housekeeping, linen and laundry services, sundry item management and arrival grocery shopping.

It’s been a really busy time for us lately as we have been focusing our attention on maintaining our excellent customer care and core service provision, as well as bringing in some new key staff that will help us manage our continued business expansion. We have also recently launched a separate company that is a very high end luxury rental company called Perfect Stays, ( ) that has massively exceeded our first year expectations and business growth.

Top 10 Tips – Cornwall Holiday Homes & Second Homes in the Winter

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Just locking up a holiday home or second home for the winter should take a systematic and thought out approach to help prevent burst pipes, rusty locks or overflowing down pipes. Some simple advise can be followed or you can employ the services of a specialist company like Perfect Example.

Top Ten Tips for Empty Holiday Homes & Second Homes in Cornwall – Property Management in Cornwall

  1. Ideally the holiday home or second home should be checked weekly to check the integrity of the property and other important routine checks (there’s around 20 of them).
  2. If the property is near the coast, make sure that the locks have some graphite applied to them to help prevent corrosion.
  3. Make sure that all the gutters and downpipes have been cleared of any debris so that they can carry away any rainwater without overflowing onto the property.
  4. Make sure that the heating is set to at least insurance company criteria or you may invalidate any claim.
  5. Make sure that all the radiators have been  checked for air and bled off where necessary.
  6. Drain off any outdoor showers and garden taps. This will help prevent any outdoor burst pipes.
  7. Place all barbeques and outdoor furniture into a garage or garden shed.
  8. To help prevent any unwanted rodents, make sure that any holes or gaps into the property are filled using appropriate materials.
  9. If you have any outside sheds or garages, make sure that they have been locked and are secure.
  10. Ensure that you have arrangements to have your post dealt with as this can be an easy indication to somebody that the property is empty. In addition to that, you can set up lights/lamps in not just one room but across different rooms set at different times to help as a detterent.

Perfect Example offer a very full and comprehensive holiday home and second home management service that will look after your property, not just in the winter but all year around. Please visit our website or call us on 01208 895216 for more information.

Top 5 Things Left Behind after a Self Catering Holiday in Cornwall

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After the relaxation and unwinding during a week or two in Cornwall, the dreaded time comes when everything has got to be packed up, ready to make the long journey back home. In the rush to pack everything up and the stress of contemplating that everything might not now fit back in the car, items inevitably get left behind!

We look after over 100 luxury self catering properties in Cornwall, so we get many items brought back to our offices everyday that people leave behind. These items get logged and then put in our lost property racking (boxes cannot cope with the quantity) ready for them to be reclaimed.

To help provide some sort of guide as to what the main items are that get left behind, we have compiled a ‘top five things left behind on a self catering holiday.’

Top 5 Things Left Behind after a  Self Catering Holiday

  1. Items of clothing – Mainly children’s.
  2. Charging Leads – iPHONE’s, iPODS, mobile phones, camcorders
  3. Children’s toys – Cuddly toys, bricks, action figures
  4. Electrical Appliances – Hairdryers, tongs, cameras
  5. Books

There has been a few strange things left behind that has raised the odd eyebrow but its all in a day of a Holiday Home Services Specialist company.

Second/Holiday Home Ownership Increased During 2009

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According to a report out today from Knight Frank, the number of second homes in Britain increased by 2.6%, to reach record levels of 245,384. Knight Frank also expect the second home ownership to increase again by 2% in 2010.

In the coming years, it is predicted that there will be an increase of overseas visitors to Britain and with Staycations and short breaks on the increase, getting good yields on renting these properties is more achievable and much better than short term lets.

If you consider purchasing a holiday home or second home  in Cornwall, to rent it out, or just keep it for family use, then we can help every step of the way.  We can advise and help with:

> Which areas of Cornwall work really well.

> Introduce you to either the properties that we know are for sale or to property finders or well placed estate agents.

> Advice on furnishings and property improvements which we can do for smaller projects or we can put you in contact with reputable builders.

> Help you with your legal compliance

> Help put you in touch with either letting agents that we know will get you good quality bookings or help you to device your own website, booking systems etc.

> Moving forward, we can clean your property using our well trained housekeepers, deal with the linen and laundry, property management, property maintenance, ongoing legal compliance, 24 hour guest helpline, liase with your booking agent and provide holiday lifestyle service to your guests.

As a very unique, holiday home services specialist in Cornwall, we can help you with every aspect of purchasing and then running a holiday/ second home, no matter where you live.

Luxury Self Catering Booking Levels – Summer 2010

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Over the last few days, there has been much speculation in the local media that self catering bookings in Cornwall are down by as much as 20%. There has also been quite a bit made that visitors are staying at camp sites, rather than self catering properties.

As ever, you can only judge things as you see them and our statistics tell a different story!

We are a holiday home services specialist that provide housekeeping, property management and holiday concierge services to over 100 luxury self catering properties in West Cornwall, North Cornwall and Mid Cornwall. The luxury properties that we look after, rent out in the peak weeks from £ 1200 to nearly £ 6000 a week. Throughout July, August and September of this year, we are virtually at 100% occupancy for the three months and the bookings for October are looking like they will be ahead of 2009.

What perhaps can be deduced from our current market overview, and some current research with paying guests is the following:

> Bookings at the luxury end of the self catering industry is buoyant and increasing year on year.

> Quite a number of guests staying in these luxury properties are holidaying at home in the UK for first time or, the first time in a long time.

> The demands of what a potential customer is looking for in a self catering property has changed significantly over the last five years. They are looking for, as standard; Exceptionally clean and well presented properties, very good quality furnishings,  Wi-Fi, well equipped kitchens, quality audio visual equipment, iPOD docking stations linked to music systems or standalone systems, use of house telephone (particularly where mobile signal is weak),  inclusion of high quality bedding and cotton rich towels, very high standard of property maintenance, 24 hour helpline if they get a problem, amongst other things.

> Our Holiday Concierge business and the lifestyle services that we supply to guests is also on the increase and they can also influence bookings, where the guests can see that these services are available. These services include grocery shopping, housekeeper services and flexible chef services.

> If the property has additional features such as swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts or other such items, then these properties normally book better throughout the traditionally quieter periods of the year.

> The properties that we look after obtain their bookings through either letting agents, holiday listing websites or indeed via their own websites.

Bookings and expectations in the luxury end of the self catering market increases every year so it would be worth owners of properties that may need upgrading to consider this in the coming years. We can provide help and guidance to existing holiday home owners on what may be required and also to owners of good quality second home owners that perhaps have never rented before. We also provide all the necessary housekeeping, laundry, property management, property maintenance and guest services that are tried and tested services, to fully look after the property, property owners and the paying guests.

Holiday Home Property Management – Cornwall

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Managing Holiday Homes in Cornwall can be a real juggling act, whether you have a letting agent or not, particularly if you don’t live in the local area.

To help give holiday home owners peace of mind and provide a one stop shop for all the services that are required to look after a holiday home, as well as the paying guests, we offer all services, except for the lettings. Even then, we can help owners choose the right letting agent, that can deliver the level of bookings required, based on our experience of their performance, in most areas across Cornwall.

Our Holiday Home Property Management Services includes the following core services which are:

- Empty Property Checking

- Key holder Services

- 24/7 Guest Helpline

- Access Management

- Legal Compliance

In addition to this, we can also provide everything else thats required to manage and maintain your holiday home or second home, including:

- Property Maintenance

- Window Cleaning & Gardening Services

- Electrical, Plumbing & Heating Services

- Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Fighting Equipment

- Pest Control

- Wireless Broadband Support

- Manage Small Projects

- Furnishing

- This list is not exhaustive

Our other specialist holiday home services in Cornwall include; Housekeeping, cleaning, linen & laundry services, linen hire, key management, welcome gifts and meet and greet services if required, to name but a few.

For more information on our holiday home and second home services, please visit our website on

Luxury Holiday Home Lettings in Cornwall look great for 2010!

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A very common question we get asked regularly, as we look after 100 luxury self catering properties in Cornwall, with a lettings perspective across a number of letting agents and customer own websites is, ‘how are bookings doing this year?’

As of todays date, we have seen another significant increase in forward booked holidays for luxury self catering properties in Cornwall, compared to this time last year. It is generally known that getting bookings for peak letting periods is quite easy but the skill for any letting agent in Cornwall is generating bookings for low and mid peak times of the year. With this in mind, the summer months is nearly fully booked already and March is already a record month, and we still have bookings flowing in. April and May are looking very healthy and again they are up year on year which is a very encouraging sign.

Whilst we are not letting agents, we do help our customers select the best agent for them as we can draw on the factual results that we see and we have an up to date view on their performance, by town.

Part of the reason for the success of getting good bookings on the luxury properties that we provide our holiday home services to in Cornwall is the guest services that we supply to help enhance the guest stay. These services include Online grocery shopping, so that they arrive with it already packed away, flexible Housekeeper services to keep the property tidy and help the guests really relax and our holiday concierge services which enables us to provide whatever the guests require.

We do ensure the very highest of standards of housekeeping, property services and guest lifestyle services and with so many guests returning to properties that we look after, it is obvious that this has a major effect.

2010 looks like being another record breaking in the luxury self catering market.

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

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As we get ever closer to 2010, I start to review 2009 before we say goodbye to it.

2009 was another exceptional year for Perfect Example. We exceeded most of our self imposed targets, grew the business, employed more staff and generally had a very good time. 2009 will be remembered as, even though the UK was in recession, as an exceptional year for luxury self catering holidays, more visitors to Cornwall and more people enjoying staycations and realising that they don’t have to go abroad to have a great holiday.

We look forward to 2010 and increasing the luxury properties that we look after, welcoming more people to Cornwall and working at mach 10 everyday!!!

Have a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Has the summer and the Cornwall visitors gone?

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Well August has come and gone ever so quickly and the weather was varied to say the least!! August was a record month with 100% occupancy all month (as you would expect) and even though the weather wasn’t as good as  it should have been, guests were generally very upbeat and enjoying themselves in Cornwall. It is really important to equip rental properties with things to do if it rains so that when they are staying in, the whole family can be occupied and enjoying their holiday together.

I have been looking at our arrivals and departures for September across all the holiday properties that we manage and the bookings are also massively up again. This goes to show that effective letting agents or great marketing strategies will always pay dividends. We help most of our customers with their letting agent selection or if they want to do it all themselves, then we can provide the website, the booking systems and of course help with setting effective marketing campaigns.

From the second week in September we normally get great weather so let’s wait and see!

Second Homes – the Economic Impact on Rural Communities

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There is concern in some quarters that second homes have a negative impact on the economy of rural communities. In some parts of the UK, local strength of feeling about this has occasionally erupted into arson, for example, with a number of second homes being burned down in Wales.

The main issues that create controversy are twofold. Firstly, there is the argument that second home owners drive up prices in rural areas, pushing them out of the reach of local people and exacerbating the problem that there is not enough affordable housing for low income local families. This is clearly an area that needs a balanced approach and well thought out strategy to help solve this very real issue.

The second common concern is that second houses are unoccupied for a large part of the year and this deprives local businesses of potential custom, sometimes badly affecting their viability. Another aspect of this is that local schools can become short of children, sometimes forcing local schools to close. Indeed, on some areas very popular with second home owners, the area can feel like a ghost town out of season, without the community vitality and vibrant local economy that characterises some other rural areas.

The problems seem to be focused on highly localised rural and coastal areas, the kind of attractive areas that are popular for second homes. For example, in North Cornwall, one in three properties is thought to be a second home or holiday home,

In general, the more remote rural areas have the greatest concentrations of second homes as a proportion of all the housing stock, intensifying the problem of creating a sustainable and robust local community with a thriving local economy..

Although second and holiday homes contribute to an uplift in property prices in rural areas, it is important not to view their economic impact in isolation from other factors contributing to changes within rural communities and especially pressures on local housing markets from other groups such as commuters, retirees, or people wanting a lifestyle change.

One way that second home owners can help avoid any negative economic impacts on the local community is to maximise the extent to which the second home does not stand empty.

By renting  a second home out as a holiday home for part of the year, when it is not in use by the owner’s family, it ensures that money is brought into the local economy as the family renting the holiday home will inevitably spend money in the local shops, restaurants and at local attractions. This is clearly a positive impact on the local economy and far better for the local community than having a second home stand empty.

Yet many owners of second homes resist renting out their home to holidaymakers.

There are a wide variety of reasons for this. It is often not as simple as whether or not the owner of a second home would like to make a profitable return on their property.

Some second home owners simply do not want strangers in their home and this is a strongly felt emotion they are not likely to overcome.

Others do not want to get involved in what they see as complex property management issues, involving a lot of work and practical difficulty. For these owners, the answer is often to hire a holiday homes services specialist that can take away the hassle and arrange everything on their behalf, making the whole process of renting out a holiday home very straightforward.

If a holiday homes services specialist is engaged, they can arrange all aspects of property management, cleaning services and key holder services as well as sometimes a holiday concierge service. This means that the second home owner can benefit from a stream of income from the property, all the gain without the pain.

In addition, the impact on the local economy is positive as the holiday home rentals bring money into the local shops, restaurants and attractions as well as necessitating the employment of local trades people, such as plumbers, electricians, painters and carpenters.


The impacts, both positive and negative, of second homes and holiday homes touch on a diverse range of factors that affect the sustainability of rural communities.

One thing is clear – renting out a second home as a holiday home has a more positive impact on the local economy than leaving it standing empty for long periods.